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As an adult  who has raised children, moreover two boys; I do feel it is still my duty and obligation io interject my thoughts, feelings, and opinions to them regarding important topics, especially important topics. As a mother, a mentor; a socially conscious person of society, and a friend, I am obligated to give my now adult boys the facts in an effort so they can weigh the pros and cons in accordance to what they have been taught, and what, or who they believe regarding the specific matter.
This brings me to the topic of manipulation. Manipulation is a powerful word. The Webster’s dictionary defines the word in a few definitions. The most obvious form of manipulation to most of us is the play on one’s emotions. The manipulator (noun), uses her control, or play on words to
unfairly, or insidiously serve his, or her own’s pupose. Thus, having no regards for the manipulatable’s (adj.,) outcome, or well being.
So from a friend, a mother, and a mentor please pay attention to those who only have you around for their own person benefit..


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