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Generational Cycles: Recognizing, Acknowledging and Resolving

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We all know and understand that life itself is made up of cycles. Cycles of the weather. Cycles of nature, and cycles of life.  Most of these cycles are natural and understood to be the natural means and ways of replenishing and rebirth.  Weather changing from cold to hot; change in seasons, which in essence is rebirth of nature. New lively, and healthy children replacing the old, frail and elderly.

The only time these cycles become dysfunctional is when humans start disrupting or causing dysfunction.  Air pollution, and emissions, usually injected by humans; causes weather changes, per scientist (and anybody else with good sense).  These air borne pollutants can also be attributed to sickly and asthmatic children, but I digress. As a disclaimer, these are my opinions, and experiences that I choose to share for my blog post. They are my thoughts.

Getting back to my original thoughts regarding GENERATIONAL CYCLES. These cycles too can be disruptive to the family unit. Unfortunately, many times cycles within many families are intentionally and purposefully ignored for many…

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