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Weave Heads

Good morning.  I am a long time resident of Houston for those of you who don’t know. As I was driving I noticed that on nearly every corner in Houston there seems to be  a HAIR STORE. When I say HAIR store, I the  simply mean a beauty supply store which mostly caters to the black population.  Yes, to woman  and girls and men, especially if they are sporting ‘locks’ or ‘twist’  or any other NATURAL afro centric hair style.

The reason I bring this up is because black women and men collectively spend BILLIONS of dollars into the U.S commerce businesses yearly. Yet, the majority of us are broke…

So if we have all of this money to  put into the economy, who’s getting it?

Well, for one  Asians…. Asians nearly had a monopoly on the supplying of black hair care to black consumers. In short, we  have and are continuing to make Asians rich off of our expense.

I’m sure some of you WEAVE wearers could care less where the weave is coming from as long as you can have access to it for purposes of beautification. But do you realize these same Asian providers of hair care could give less than two-f*%ks about  black people and there plight. All they really care about is the almighty dollar. And we beauty supply patrons are making them richer and richer.

When I first moved to Houston there were a couple of things which were very prevalent across the state. One was the grand expansion of beauty supply stores own by majority Asians. Another was nail salons overtaken by the same people, and of course Asian food establishments that catered to black folks also, adding fried chicken to their Asian menus because we know if its a few things black folks love is fake nails, fake hair, and artery clogging fried chicken.

Yes, it seems as though the Asians have BAMBOOZLED us into  believing they understand our needs and wants by catering to those needs and wants. And getting RICH off of us at the same time. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for free enterprise, but when the business of sales is not reciprocated, there lies the problem.

As an insurance agent at one time, I proceeded to offer my products to those same Asian monopolizers, and to no avail, they continuously refuse to bite. So why is it so easy for us to be subjected to buying their products when it is evident that they REFUSE to  do the same for us?

Because they believe in keeping the money in their own communities, something black folks have yet to learn. There was even a point in time when Asian manufactures of the Indian, Horse and Silk weaves( forgive me for not knowing the different styles and textures of WEAVE) who  had refused to sell to black suppliers.

So what does that say? To me it said Asians didn’t want to share the WEALTH they were gaining from back people, with black people. Well thank God some black folks have woke up and started their own businesses of weave selling.

Have you every known of an Asian  buying an American made car? Rarely… I  see the majority driving Toyota’s or foreign made vehicles.They shop in their own community markets, yet, they study other cultures and swoop down like vultures to monopolize off of them. The newest example of this I am noticing in Houston is the  stealing and claiming of CAJUN food preparers. Chile please…. first of all cooking  Cajun food is a culture, not just anything can be labeled as Cajun…

Ever since the influx of Louisiana natives  after Katrina into Houston, I see the Asians have done it again. They have opened up many restaurants claiming to have CAJUN listed as the enticing title to lure all of these La., natives, as well s others into their so-called CAJUN restaurants.

Asians don’t know a got damn thing about Cajun culture or Cajun cuisine. What they do know is how to cater to  us greedy ass black folks….

So please people before you buy that next $200 piece of weave,  pay for those fake nails and buy that non Cajun food think about where your money is going and who you are making RICH….It sure as hell isn’t  our black community. Yes, there are black establishments that sell these products, and offer these services. If we could just stop being “crabs in a bucket” we too can have a prosperous society, so think about patronizing your own kind, before deciding to make Asians even more rich than they already are.


Sincerely, Patty



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