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Generational Cycles: Recognizing, Acknowledging & Resolving

We all know and understand that life itself is made up of cycles. Cycles of the weather. Cycles of nature, and cycles of life.  Most of these cycles are natural and  understood to be the natural ways and forms of, replenishing and rebirth.  Weather changing from cold to hot; changes in seasons, which in essence is rebirth of nature And new  lively, and healthy children replacing the old, frail and elderly.

The only time these cycles become dysfunctional  is when humans start disrupting or causing dysfunction.  Air pollution causing weather changes, per scientist (and anybody with good sense,) nature disruptions. and sickly children i.e., asthma, but this is all another blog post…

Getting back to my original thoughts regarding  GENERATIONAL CYCLES. These  cycles too can be disruptive to the family unit. Unfortunately,  many times cycles within many families are intentionally and purposefully ignored for many reasons, such as shame. Therefore, it is up to us to start  RECOGNIZING, ACKNOWLEDGING, AND RESOLVING  dysfunctional generational CYCLES within  our families.

Since this is my blog which consist of my thoughts and life experiences I will share a list of generational cycles in which I feel has had a hindrance on me and many of my family members, in some aspect or another. Without my doing my own soul searching and becoming spiritually in tuned with my own needs and wants I would have never  been able to RECOGNIZE the family cycles which are continuing from one generation to the next generation.

I was very inquisitive and self aware ever since I was a young child, which prompted my thoughts, regarding this matter. I started noticing things that did not seem to appear appropriate very  early on as a child.

I was a ‘fight the power’ type child; just as I am now a fight the power adult!

So let’s get to know each other , and if I can help open your eyes  in efforts to, recognizing,  acknowledging, and resolving dysfunction I will have fulfilled my mission. Thank you and stay tuned for our  serious on GENERATIONAL CYCLES , which will cover family issues such as: anger, bitterness, lack of love and emotions. Promiscuity, baby daddies and mamas, etc. We will also delve into the dysfunctions of  other subjects such as government policies effecting the minority communities and so on.

So please realize  I am very opinionated, yet passionate about my beliefs, so if you can’t take the heat please stay out of my kitchen.


Sincerely, Patty



One comment on “Generational Cycles: Recognizing, Acknowledging & Resolving

  1. Can you recognize dysfunction in your family, if so how are you changing this course of your life?

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