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I am so appalled at the uproar over Seattle Seahawks, Richard Sherman regarding his passionate, yet competitive outbursts. During an after game  interview with sports commentator Erin Andrews, the passionate and adrenalin filled young man expressed himself in a way many a white folks and others couldn’t understand.. I’m simply going to say this, “people calm the f#@$ down.’  Richard Sherman is a college educated man, who happens to be working on his master’s degree; who happens to be loud and passionate. Believe it or not, but black woman like me are proud to see one of our black sons reach such high success. Therefore, proud of his accomplishments. Personally, his after game shrills moved me to tears, because I could understand his passion and was proud of him feeling the way he felt at that moment.

Then again black woman like me understand the passion that is expressed by most  black men, also. My whole life has been involved in the black male experiences; having a black father, having black brothers, cousins and friends. Dating and procreating with black men and raising black boys, so  women such as myself have a better understanding of how to perceive  our black men. I guess one really have to be black and thoroughly understanding of the plight of black boys and men to truly understand them. One of these aspects would entails knowing and understanding the difference between passion and anger. And  in lieu of all this ruckus he is easily compared to other great and passionate athletes, such as Muhammad Ali when it comes to expressing passion while representing one’s sport.

What many people fail to realize, whether it be consciously, or subconsciously black people have passion and black people have heart; not saying other nationalities don’t, but most black people are simply better at expressing emotion, in my opinion. We express ourselves many times with great intensity in everyday life. We love with passion, we compete with passion,  we argue with passion, we cook with passion; and we dance with passion, we even debate with passion,  just to name a few.

There is no other race or group of people, in my opinion who possess the masculinity of a physically powerful  black  American man better than himself.  Please save your inherited stereotyping antics for your own. Just because one is not accustomed to being around passion filled black folks doesn’t give one the right to put our, boys and men in a box or in many cases a jail cell; all because you misunderstood them.


Sincerely, Patty


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