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New Adventures

Hello, my name is Patrice, but a few of my friends call me  Patty. Although, Patrice is always welcomed because Patrice is who I have been for over 43 years.  Well, I would like to introduce myself to the world, as well as thank you for welcoming me into your world. I am  a 43, soon to be 44 year old mother of three beautiful children; two boys and one girl. I am a Louisiana native who has a lot of opinion, or what I would like to call spice.

I believe in God, family, and good food. I fight for and believe in helping the ones who can’t help themselves. In short, I am  an independent, yet opinionated Cajun girl from La., who has been residing in Houston, TX for the past 13 years.

I will be offering my unsolicited opinion on everything from recipes to relationships to politics. Please be advised I am only here to make lives better, and more informed on the daily grinds of life. Once again, thank you in advance for welcoming me into your world. I hope we can have a longstanding courtship.

Sincerely, Patty


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